The Exterior Vitality Balancing (Wei Qi Zhi Liao) “Wei Qi Gong” as taught by Professor Duan, Zhiliang. Complete Recommendations.

800 calendar year old Vitality balancing approach Formerly reserved to the Imperial Families of historic China disclosed, explained intimately. Particular transmission of procedure supplied to author by amongst China's "Residing Treasures" Ninety-A little something Professor Duan Zhiliang. It has never been taught any where else while in the US by Professor. This system "Power balancing" can be employed to assist while in the reilef of stress, in suffering administration, or simply to induce a deeply comfortable point out to get a partner.

In Oct of 2001, Professor Duan Zhiliang frequented Starfarm for 2 days, as part of a US “tour” to market Chinese Therapeutic and Martial Arts. Professor Duan is actually a “90 anything, nearing a hundred” calendar year old Qi Gong Master, who carries his practical experience from In the Forbidden City Walls into the knowledge age in the 21st century. He is one of China's “Residing Treasures”.

Duan started teaching at age 6 during the martial and healing arts because the son of a long line of Males who served the emperors from the Ming & Qing Dynasties as physique guards and Medical doctors. Duan himself statements to own served Pu Yi, the final emperor (which if genuine, would've been following the rise in the republican period). He continues his healthcare observe in Beijing, functioning two clinics, wherever he and his wife Tian, also a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor daily treat patients with a mix of Herbal cures, Acupuncture, Tui Na, and Qi Gong. From private expertise with him, I can say that Professor Duan can be a really ready adversary inside the martial arts, and tactics everyday with the joy and exuberance of a kid at Engage in.

Professor Duan was questioned to observe a Usui Reiki therapeutic session, and shown The fundamental hand position chart in an effort to assistance him realize the dilemma that started The complete procedure: How is Rei Ki like or contrary to Wei Qi Zhi Liao (external qi healing)?

His reaction to the proposition was thoughtful and complete, but his bias was distinct. Soon after his observation of your Reiki software, Duan remarked which sanitetski prevoz bolesnika the approach was far too generalized, that each and every affected individual necessary another application, based mostly on their own special overall body, and situation. He advised us that some people would demand various days of herbal medicine just before a procedure with Power as they have been much too weak. Duan stated the “...application of Electricity for therapeutic should adhere to a balancing of Strength…”, and that “...many of the unbalanced Electrical power would be found in The pinnacle of the patient…” Professor then began a demonstration of a В“SpecificВ” (his term) system for drawing excessive energy down from the head, and balancing the whole physique. It is simple and profound. I contact it Wei Qi Gong.

Your companion needs to be created cozy lying within the back. Brace their knees and neck with pillow or rolled towel to support these areas as needed. If lying on the again results in distress, your spouse can lie on a single side after which you can sanitetski prevoz u inostranstvo the opposite as you work the lines of contact. You could possibly locate it easier to have your lover “lie” into a gentle chair, a person side, then one other.

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